Thanks to the rapid development of computer technology, new opportunities appear for automated processing of colossal volumes of information. If in the time of Newton experiments allowed to get only 2-3 characteristics, then modern technologies allow to carry out thousands of measurements per second. Thanks to the success of modern electronics, not only the volume of measurements has grown, but also their accuracy. New opportunities and new perspectives have appeared. Modern computer technology is developing very rapidly, and soon the time will come when, from a conventional human-controlled tool, a computer will become a full-fledged partner and an intelligent assistant.


The launch of the rocket is accompanied by a tremendous noise. In this ocean of sounds, each mechanism has its own separate sound. And, the serviceable mechanism has one sound, and the faulty one is different. The film shows a very compact device that, by the sound of an upcoming rocket, can determine how each mechanism works individually. Although this is not a serial measuring device, you can clearly see how convenient and effective it is. A small computer processes thousands of audio signals in a fraction of a second, filters out extraneous noise and displays changes in acoustic characteristics in real time on the screen.


The method of spectral-statistical analysis can have applications in various types of measurements. It is possible to measure technological noises, detecting malfunctions by changing harmonics of the frequency spectrum of sound. You can analyze the voice of a person, revealing his emotions, the degree of fatigue or health. You can even explore music by determining the level of its emotional impact. Examples of the use of the demonstrator of a new device are clearly shown in this film.


 As in the previous films, the demonstrator of the new method of spectral-statistical analysis is presented in this video. A small device in a few minutes listening to the archive recording of the song Frank Sinatra determined not only the emotions of an outstanding artist, but also the hidden meaning embedded in the melody. The film clearly shows the excellent prospects of the new method, using which you can conduct research not only on living objects, but also on the basis of archival audio or video recordings. Thanks to this method, we can reinterpret history in a new way by studying the available sound archives, or, analyzing the archive film, it is possible to find out the causes of an accident, for example, at the launch of a rocket.


The demonstrator shown in this film is much better than the classic polygraph (lie detector). To do this, you do not need to wrap up the wire with the web. Measurements can be carried out remotely, or even secretly. It is tempting to use such a polygraph at any meeting, revealing the authenticity of the information of your interlocutors, or you can analyze the honesty of any politician, analyzing his statements, for example, in a television interview. In the film, using simple examples, the effectiveness of the new method is shown and its excellent perspective in the future.


This video shows a unique transport device developed by our engineers. This superevdehod can drive on roads and rough terrain, fly through the air, swim in the water, and slide on snow and ice. The project of this aeromobile was created to participate in the competition of the Foundation for Advanced Studies, passed for the second round and was awarded for the best study of the original design. If we take into account that the Foundation for Advanced Studies is mainly engaged in military development, it is not difficult to guess why the development of our company has caused such interest.


For a while our enterprise carried out the development of rocket and space technology. At the same time we worked systematically. Our specialists did not just create a single rocket unit, but created a project for a whole range of missile development. This clip shows archive slides on this topic. In 2010-2015, a project of the “Kometa” launch vehicle was developed, which used a fundamentally new method of flight. Evidence has been obtained for inventions, the project has been repeatedly discussed at open and closed conferences, received a grand prize in the Skolkovo Foundation, was positively evaluated in the Defense Ministry and the Military Technical Cooperation Committee under the Government of Russia.